ACA 135 Betting Picks and Full Card Preview

 ACA 135 Betting Picks and Full Card Preview

Another Absolute Championship Akhmat battle card goes down this Friday, January 28th, 2022. We've gathered our top wagering starts for each of the nine ruckuses.


So we'll take a gander at the warriors details and ongoing sessions to choose the best Moneyline. The last ACA with wagering chances was ACA 132, where we anticipated the result of five out of eight battles.

We desire to remain well above 60% for ACA 135!

Magomedrasul Gasanov versus Abdul-Rakhman Dzhanaev

Our headliner is between Gasanov, the #63 world positioned middleweight, and Dzhanaev, the #5 Russian middleweight. Their exercise centers, Krepost and Berkut Fight Club, are known adversaries and equally paired 원엑스벳  rec centers with weighty portrayal in ACA and ABA.

Wagering Odds for Gasanov versus Dzhanaev

Wager Available at Odds and Payout per Dollar Wager

Gasanov Moneyline -275, $0.36

Dzhanaev Moneyline +220, $2.20

Gasonov's last session against Nikola Dipchikov acquired him the title. He opened at - 200 and moved to - 270, winning the battle April 2021 through Referee Stoppage in cycle 2.

Dzhanaev has never had chances recorded for any session. This is his most memorable title endeavor and initial five round battle.

Gasonov's Winning Streak

For the last twelve sessions, Gasonov has crushed everybody the ACA and Berkut Young Eagles toss at him. This series of wins ranges back to 2016 after two misfortunes in Full Endlessly battle Nights Global.

In twelve battles, he's accomplished just a single stoppage.

Will Dzhanaev Go Five Rounds?

This is Abdul-Rakhman Dzhanaev's most memorable title session, and every one of his last three sessions have gone to choice. In one battle, he almost lost a split choice to Artem Frolov. Artem lost a choice to Gasonov in 2020, basically in light of the fact that he was unable to keep Gasanov's speed.

One of my primary worries for Dzhanaev is his cardio, and the probability of Gasonov winning rounds four and five.

Who has more knockout power?

I think Dzhanaev wins a phenomenal fight. He's scored five profession knockouts while the boss has scored none. Dzahanaev's Muay Thai focused style comes from Musa Shihabov, the mentor at Berkut Fight Club.

Battle Analysis: Gasanov versus Babkin

Babkin was a warrior that should take Gasanov out. He has strong striking, and became the overwhelming focus against Gasanov.

Gasonov battled persistently, remaining outwardly of Babkin's reach. He scored his most memorable takedown off his most memorable endeavor at 1:44 into the battle.

He played a comparable game in the second and third adjusts.

I'm sure about Gasanov's understanding. Anticipate a comparative battle with Dzhanaev; a huge delay outwardly of his reach and an unexpected takedown endeavor subsequent to being hushed to rest.

Middleweight Championship ACA Betting Pick

Our ACA wagering pick is Gasanov at - 275. He's the prevalent grappler, has more insight, and can almost reproduce Dzhanaev's misfortune to Ibragim Magomedov in 2019, besides with better ground control.


Abdul-Rakhman Dudaev versus Rustam Kerimov

Dudaev has an unprecedented measure of involvement for such a youthful contender. He's the dark horse against Kerimov, the #65 Bantamweight overall from DagFigther. Kerimov is undefeated at 15-0.

2021 seems to be ACA most famous year to date.

Wagering Odds for Dudaev versus Rustam Kerimov

Wager Available at Odds and Payout per Dollar Wager

Dudaev Moneyline +220, $2.20

Kerimov Moneyline -280, $0.36

True to form, Kerimov is the #1. He's crushed a few understudies, with every one of his last five rivals having more than twenty battles.

Kerimov holds six stoppages across fifteen battles, remembering a line of three knockouts for his last seven. Dudaev has more gets done, however his six vocation misfortunes are unsettling. He's been beaten in 18% of his sessions.

Battle Analysis: Daniel Oliveira

The two warriors confronted Oliveira, with Kerimov winning in his last battle through consistent choice, and Dudaev losing on the less than desirable finish of a fierce flying knee. Dudaev wasn't winning the battle before he was KO'd. Oliveira eclipsed Dudaev in each classification, including winning a takedown and almost taking Dudaev's back in cycle one, and taking it in the second and ground streaking Dudaev, mellowing him for the flying knee finish.

Could Dudaev's Grappling deal with Kerimov?

Kerimov has strong takedowns, presumably the most incredible in the bantamweight division around the world. He moves a piece like Petr Yan, liking to remain over rivals for ground striking. He took out Tural Ragimov in 22 seconds subsequent to getting a kick and stumbling him.

Kerimov utilizes leg kicks to infiltration step into position.

Kerimov is an extreme case since he utilizes takedowns to land strikes, not to hold or control. He keeps his endeavors low exertion and liquid. So, Dudaev will not spend long on his back, or probably he'll wind up wrapped up by Kerimov's weighty style of ground striking.

ACA Betting Pick

Dudaev is a capable contender, however he will be one more score in the belt of Kerimov on his ascent to the UFC or ONE FC. Our ACA wagering 안전 토토사이트 추천  pick is Rustam Kerimov at - 280.

Rasul Albaskhanov versus Alexsandro Praia

Both of these flyweights are 1-1 of their last two. Albaskhanov has invested more energy battling for ACA, while Praia is a Brazilian contender who battled for ACA in his last session too, with wins going back to 2013 in Brazil.

Wagering Odds for

Wager Available at Odds and Payout per Dollar Wager

Albaskhanov Moneyline +190, $1.90

Praia Moneyline -240, $0.42

Praia is a rising star, and Albaskhanov has had a few extreme battles and sad match ups so from the get-go in his profession.

Albaskhanov is 11-5, with misfortunes to the UFC's Askar Askarov, the undefeated 14-0 Azamat Kerefov, and WEC and Bellator veteran Anthony Leone. Does Albaskhanov merit his longshot status?

Does Alexsandro Praia Have Stopping Power?

Beyond his last two sessions, the Renovacao group contender has five successes by means of stoppage or knockout. While the nature of these warriors might be being referred to, he completed Matheus da Silva, a Jungle Fight veteran.

In his last session for ACA, quite a bit of his power was refuted by great takedown work from the DagFighter Evloev.

After the subsequent round, Praia's striking had Evloev speculative on the takedown, and battling to set anything up over Praia. His punch and his head development were astounding for me thinking about his level and experience.

What should Albaskhanov's Gameplan Be?

Albaskhanov is falling off a misfortune to the undefeated Kerefov for the ACA flyweight title. He was patient and hazardous against the winner, at the end of the day without any result. Praia is the prevalent striker, however Albaskhanov could get him with something.

Kindly NOTE:

Albaskhanov's takedowns rival Evloev (Praia's last adversary) and he ought to return Praia on his initial.

Kerefov completed him with a boa constrictor gag. I figure Albaskhanov can work to takedown Praia, and stay away from the striking trade as well as could be expected.

Last ACA Betting Pick

I see Praia scoring one more win in the ACA. That's what he showed assuming you will bring him down, holding him isn't the ideal choice. Praia has laser sharp striking, Albaskhanov's actually fostering a durable kickboxing match-up.

Our wagering pick is Alexsandro Praia at - 240.


Igor Zhirkov versus Shamil Shakhbulatov

This bantamweight matchup is one of the nearest on the card. The two contenders are falling off misfortunes and a series of choices. The two contenders have knockout power yet are conflicting in the ring.

Wagering Odds for

Wager Available at Odds and Payout per Dollar Wager

Zhirkov Moneyline -105, $0.95

Shakhbulatov Moneyline -125, $0.80

At 12-5 and 12-4, these two contenders are at comparable phases of their professions.

Neither of them have any wagering chances history, and the best way to decide this battle is by investigating battle tape.

Battle Analysis: Igor Zhirkov versus Rodrigo Praia

In Zhirkov's last battle, he battled the other Praia sibling Rodrigo. Praia's striking is great quality, and his kicking explicitly gave Zhirkov inconvenience.

Zhirkov comes venturing into most of his blends, at last squeezing Praia to the enclosure with a bodylock.

Praia had the option to stay away from the takedown for most of the battle, winning the first and third adjusts. Zhrikov might have handily won this battle with somewhat more hostility. He experienced difficulty tracking down range, and landed less strikes while remaining against the lankier contender.

Battle Analysis: Shakhbulatov versus Oleg Borisov

Shakhbulatov addresses Akhmat battle club, and offers its long, solitary striking style. Oleg is generally a striker and Judo contender.

Shakhbulatov handled a few quality strikes right on time, with Oleg getting by to win the split choice.

Shakhbulatov's tall position will battle against Zhirkov's catching, yet in the event that Praia had excessively lengthy of a range for Zhirkov, Shakhbulatov will dismantle him.

Last ACA Betting Pick

Anticipate that Shakhbulatov should win a long choice triumph or glimmer knockout, with sprays of Zhirkov winning a hooking trade. Our ACA wagering pick is Shamil Shakhbulatov at - 125.


Murad Kalamov versus Tomas Deak

Kalamov is another Berkut FC warrior, going toward the Slovakian Deak, the #7 Eastern European Bantamweight who is yet to battle for a world positioned association. Deak lost two of his last three battles, while Kalamov is on a three battle series of wins, going 8-2 over his last ten battles.

Wagering Odds for

Wager Available at Odds and Payout per Dollar Wager

Kalamov Moneyline -325, $0.31

Deak Moneyline +250, $2.50

Kalamov is the #1 and for good explanation. His last two successes including wagering chances were at - 700 and - 200. His last misfortune was to Oleg Borisov at +140, where he was taken out by the Judo dark belt.

Deak was the dark horse in his last battle at ACA 128, coming in at +175 against Israfilov and winning by means of third round accommodation. Kalamov is a major move forward in competit


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